Asperger’s Syndrome

Asperger’s Syndrome is a condition within the autism spectrum, characterized often by a gifted intellect, with a concurrent innate inability to understand many social communication cues. Many highly intellectual individuals with Asperger’s are able to have thriving careers, often within areas such as technology and academics. Yet due to the communication barrier that is substantial in some individuals with Asperger’s, significant, often crippling life challenges can present themselves, sometimes hindering the ability to function in a job suited to their high intellect. These individuals are often deemed to be gifted-learning disabled.

Putting strategies into place to help a person diagnosed with Asperger’s is crucial to maximizing their potential and their growth. Additionally, finding ways for family members to achieve peace and cope with the stress of meeting the special needs of the person with Asperger’s, will ensure support can be provided for the long haul.

Links and Resources on Asperger’s Syndrome

Strategies and techniques for overcoming the challenges associated with either having Asperger’s or having a friend or family member who has it, are found throughout the many articles that are categorized on the left under “Categories,” and can also be located under the “Tags” heading (click on any word in the tag cloud for a list of articles that are relevant to Asperger’s).

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