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Karen Wilson
Karen Wilson
Registered Psychotherapist

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Karen Wilson – Psychotherapist / Counsellor Profile – Psychology Today

Your therapy journey is about you and your growth. My role is to help you discover and explore unique strengths you already possess, empowering you to navigate through life’s challenges, stresses, and storms, as I help you recognize and build upon your strengths.

Whether you are seeking assistance in making a life-changing decision, coping with intolerable anxiety, managing a difficult relationship, or resolving lifelong or chronic struggles, my integrated approach will help provide you with a compass to navigate uneven terrain. I have found a pathway to a deep and lasting peace that I believe is fully achievable by anyone who truly wants a way out of uncertainty, turmoil, fear, or any other place that restricts a sense of freedom, growth, and fulfilment.

We will work together, weaving in hope-filled strategies that build self-esteem and security within you. My approach is client-centred, strengths-based, collaborative, and transformational, within an environment that is safe, accepting, compassionate, empathic, and encouraging.

Enhancing awareness of your mind-body connection, you will better recognize and respond to your own needs. I also offer the option of incorporating spiritual/Christian components.

As each life stage comes with its own points of struggle, I will walk alongside you, tailoring therapy to meet your specific needs and style, working at your desired pace.

You can achieve greater peace, grounding, and a sense of direction and empowerment. Therapy can be brief or enduring, according to your needs and preferences.

Please see Psychology Today to view my entire profile and services.

Call me for a free 15-minute consultation at (249) 202-2249.

My Integrated Approach

My work has a foundation of solution-focused brief therapy, into which may be cobbled healing components from various modalities and orientations that are trauma-informed, strengths-based, and transformational. For example, one transformational component I offer is IFS (internal family systems therapy), which helps individuals to know their own Self and the parts of their Self in a more compassionate and connected way. This is a healing component of therapy designed to removed stigma and pathology from a person’s identity. It fosters a sense of clarity, compassion, calmness, curiosity, connectedness, courage, confidence, creativity, choice, contentment, and functional ability. Just as family therapy considers all the individuals of a family as valid and important, so with IFS the internal parts of a person are valued, affirmed, and nurtured.

A sense of overall wellbeing and self-empowerment over one’s own world is the goal. Somatic (bodily) awareness and healing are highlights of therapy that integrate/connect mind, body, soul, and spirit in a holistic experience.

Healing From C-19 Challenges

Many individuals are reeling from their experiences throughout recent years that are known as the C0vid-19 pandemic. Many families have been fractured, with members feeling disenfranchised, throughout the ordeal. Your experience is valid, and in this space you are free to bring to session any and all emotions you now hold, as we work to restore a sense of personal wellbeing amidst a shift in the world today.

About Karen

I am a registered psychotherapist who spent years prior to professional accreditation, helping out as a lay counsellor with individuals navigating some rough terrain in life. During this time, I have run a corporation for over 35 years, raised a family with my husband, and am now enjoying being a grandmother. I have been part of the “sandwich” generation for years, incorporating the responsibilities of assisting aging parents. In other words, I have observed, from first-hand experience, what many individuals work through as they traverse the various stages of life.

I adore being in Nature, where I really feel connected to my Maker. I deal with the same work-leisure challenges that many of you deal with, as we muddle through this life alongside one another.

I do not have all the answers for you and your life. In fact, I strongly believe that your own Self system knows what you best need, which I help facilitate by providing a safe, non-judgmental space filled with curiosity and potential.

Please Reach Out

I do hope you will reach out for a free, 15-minute consultation, to get a sense of who I am and whether our therapeutic connection would be a good fit for you. Please call me for a free 15-minute consultation at (249) 202-2249.

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