Mental or Physical Functioning Challenges

Coping with the Challenges

Whether you yourself are coping with your own mental or physical functioning challenges, or you have a Special Needs person in your life who is challenged, it can be exhausting, requiring resourcefulness in locating ways to recharge in order to meet the demands of life without becoming completely depleted.

Life can be overwhelming, and a shift in dreams, plans and perspective is often necessary in order to manage emotionally.

The struggle to keep up or to fit in can take its toll, leaving you with the need to find connections with others who are going through similar difficulties, so that you can share strategies for overcoming the trials, and somehow find an underlying sense of peace along the way.

Links and Resources on Mental or Physical Functioning Challenges

Strategies and techniques for overcoming the challenges associated with many stresses are found throughout the many articles that are categorized on the left side of the page under "Categories," and can also be located under the "Tags" heading (click on any word in the tag cloud for a list of articles that may be relevant to you).

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