Chronic Illness

Living With Chronic Illness

Chronic Illness has a way of wearing a person down to nothing. Body and mind can feel utterly parched, and relief is often as rare as an oasis found in a desert.

Whether it is an illness of the body or the mind, both are affected. Compassion and support are sometimes hard to come by, and it becomes increasingly clear that having a balanced, positive mindset is paramount to finding peace amidst the pain and suffering.

Over time, more and more resources will appear here to help you in finding connections and resources that can help to lift you to a place that is filled with hope and a greater sense of wellness.

Links and Resources on Chronic Illness

Strategies and techniques for overcoming the challenges associated with Chronic Illness are found throughout the many articles that are categorized on the left side of the page under "Categories," and can also be located under the "Tags" heading (click on any word in the tag cloud for a list of articles that are relevant to Chronic Illness).

Additionally, links and resources outside of this site are listed below, which you may find additionally helpful:

  • University of Massachusetts Medical Center
    Center for Mindfulness
    419 Belmont Ave. 2nd floor


    Tel: 508-856-2656
  • Mindfulness Meditation Practice CDs and Tapes

    Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D.,

    P.O. Box 547


  • Book: Full Catastrophe Living, by Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D., available at, Publisher: Delta (May 1 1990); ISBN-10: 0385303122; ISBN-13: 978-0385303125

  • (more links and resources to come)